For VASAP Peeps

Yes! I am an approved VASAP Provider.

I participate as a Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP) provider because I do not believe traditional alcohol or drug counseling is effective. I work with you to find, and resolve, the root of what has led you to your situation with alcohol or drugs. Many clients who are referred through VASAP believe that alcohol or drugs are not the problem, but a symptom of trying to cope with another, possibly unknown, problem. And, so do I.

All counseling is individual - I do not offer groups or classes. Typically, sessions are 50-55 minutes and we meet once a week. All treatment is individualized to you and you will get the one-on-one time you deserve.

Court Programs

Anger Management · Larceny Reduction · Substance Abuse · Domestic Violence

I created these four programs to address a special need in the community. This is for people who have an upcoming court date or were court ordered to complete anger management, larceny reduction, substance abuse, or domestic violence counseling. With no group setting, counseling for these specific issues is personalized, unique, and one-on-one. Using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), counseling is meant to be short in duration while focusing on resolving triggering events from the past that link to the current situation. This is a better fit for people looking for a more thorough look into root causes of their situation.

***Since my programs are one-on-one counseling and not classes you may submit receipts to your insurance company for out of network benefits!

I am happy to answer questions and a free 15-minute consultation, lets get in touch.

P: (703) 919-5543

F: (703) 563-9277


3900 University Drive

Suite 210

Fairfax VA, 22030

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