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Mental Health through Telehealth

The changes to daily life are real and no one wants to accept the possibility that it could be long term, thanks Coronavirus. But, your mental health, like any other illness or injury, can’t always wait for things to return to normal. Luckily, with modern technology there are ways that people can still see a therapist. Whether you call it telehealth, virtual counseling, or online counseling, my experience with seeing clients over the internet has been very positive.

After transitioning my entire practice (temporarily) to virtual counseling, I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of positive experiences. Most, if not all my clients, have been able to pick up where we left off. Beside the occasional internet issue, the biggest issue I have run into so far is clients finding privacy. From adjusting appointment times to clients calling from a parked car, the creativity of clients to take this public health situation seriously and also see a mental health therapist is inspiring.

So, what does a virtual session look like?

I'm Michael Lieberman, a licensed mental health therapist and certified EMDR therapist.